When things come to you at the right time, they are giving you a message.

Today I am back from Tokyo. I am the same but I am another. The study of ancient Japanese culture has opened my mind; It's funny how I can feel so close to a philosophy from thousands of years ago and also, from a culture so far from mine but that I perceive in such a personal way; the search for beauty, harmony with nature, respect, care, calm, perfection...

It's all there! And finally the revelation... the philosophy of ikigai has answered the question that I didn't know I was asking myself at this moment in my life: “ikigai is our sense of purpose in life, our reason for be". "The ikigai of each one is the realization of what he hopes and desires." Now I know very well which one is mine.

The time has come to start the project of my life.

Ruben's Diary, May 2019


KUBO is a hair care brand focused on the care of the skin of the head to obtain a better cosmetic and capillary result.
Healthy skin, healthy hair.

From the ingredients and the conception of each formula, to the way of applying it. Formulas with marine ingredients to achieve healthy and strong hair.

Respectful and kind to people and of course, to the planet.

Head and Heart to take care of the Hair.